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Selenite Crystal Stick Wands

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Introducing Selenite Stick Wands, the one-of-a-kind crystal that everyone can benefit from! If you’re looking for something special to spruce up your home and enhance your day-to-day life, then a Selenite Stick Wand may just be what you’ve been hoping for. Not only is this natural mineral incredibly beautiful, it is also filled with metaphysical and healing properties. 

This mineral is like no other, made from highly crystallized gypsum that has been formed over thousands of years. With its smooth tactile texture and powerful healing properties, each wand is beautifully accentuated with shimmering natural gemstones.

Selenite helps promote peace and tranquility. Its calming energy can bring clarity and insight into even the most seemingly chaotic of situations. Working with selenite will clear blocked energies that stand in the way of sound decision making. It provides spiritual elevation while allowing us to access our intuition, acting as a protector and guide during times of trial or turmoil.

Selenite Stick Wands possess an exquisitely high vibration that make them highly effective when cleansing space of any negative energies or intentions which don’t serve us. This deeply powerful crystal can help create connection between family members, friends, or colleagues, fosters camaraderie within groups, or ease relationships between communities by becoming a tool in conflict resolution.

Each Wand offers a unique experience as they range in color from opaque white to almost-translucent gray-blue. Each one emits a gentle vibration that encourages spiritual and emotional balance. They are perfect for meditation and metaphysical healing practice such as Reiki or chakra balancing. With its powerful energy field, it can offer support during stress and anxiety making it the perfect crystal friend!

We hope our Selenite Stick Wands offer guidance through life’s activities with their comprehensive array of metaphysical and healing properties! Let their serene energy purify any room or space that needs gentle cleanses and invite balance into every situation.