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Crested Gems

Rainbow Obsidian Spheres

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Obsidian Spheres  

Get rid of your worries with Rainbow Obsidian Spheres! Ground the spiritual Light into your aura while alleviating depression.

Let Rainbow Obsidian work their magic for you, while bringing hope into your life's darkness. Obsidian is formed when lava doesn't have enough time to cool into glass. It releases grounding energy and protects the wearer from outside influences such as toxins and electronics.

Known as a “psychic vacuum cleaner” Black Obsidian eliminates all the negativity from your auric field and environment leaving it clean and clear. With powerful grounding frequencies you can depend on this stone for psychic protection to help block any negative energy directed at you. 

This stone will activate your creative energies, allowing them to flow through you with each action taken. 

Obsidian is a natural gemstone that has been used as a material for building for millennia through world history. It’s most intriguing feature is the fact that it was once used as mirrors - before eventually being replaced with glass.