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Healing Crystals Kit Natural Chakra Crystals Gift Set

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Healing Crystals Kit Natural Chakra Crystals Gift Set

Show your love with a unique gift that will bring rays of pure love and strengthen the connection between both the giver and receiver. We’ve crafted 10 special boxes centered around Rose Quartz, one of the strongest stones for the Heart Chakra in the mineral family. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of Venus, goddess of love and all things beauty, so you can be sure that these loving qualities will keep any lover, friend, or partner closest to you and connected for life.

Each carefully curated crystal box may include a few of the following crystal types: 

- Raw Rose Quartz Pieces
- Aura Rose Quartz Spheres
- Rose Quartz Hearts ( Polished ) 
- Rose Quartz Towers 
- Carnelian Palm Stones
- Strawberry Quartz Cubes
- Green Strawberry Quartz Spheres
- Clear Quartz Points
- Clear Quartz Spheres
- Mini Fire Quartz Spheres
- Mini Blue Lace Agate Spheres
- Raw Black Tourmaline Pieces 
- Rainbow Obsidian Spheres
- Druzy Grey Agate Spheres
- Banded Agate Sardonyx Tumbles
- Amethyst Spheres 
- Moonstone Spheres 
- Garden Quartz Polished Points 

- Free Selenite / Palo Santo Kit
- Plus a Free Rose Shaped Tea Tree Candle 

All boxes have about 5 to 8 crystals varying in shapes, size, and textures. Plus a FREE Selenite / Palo Santo bundle and a FREE Rose Shaped Tea Tree Candle. We will also include some crystal information cards for each type of crystal.