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Crested Gems

Garden Quartz Tower Large

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Large Garden Quartz Tower 

Garden Quartz, also known as Lodolite, is a powerful emotional healer. It can help relieve the traumas of past lives and/or childhood, and help one learn from them. Garden Quartz can also help break down repetitive patterns in relationships, and facilitate contact with one's spiritual guides.

In meditation, Garden Quartz increases courage, gentle strength, self-development as well as emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Some Scientific Notes:

- Lodolite is a form of Quartz Crystal with different colored inclusions
- Garden Quartz has Both Clear and Opaque Sections
- The stones colors Can Range from Cream, Beige, Orange, Red, Green, Grey, Rust, and Black
- Color Depends on the type of inclusion

The quartz in Garden Quartz / Lodolite naturally connects with the crown chakra. This is how it enhances connection with the higher realms of consciousness and spiritual energies of the spiritual plane