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Crested Gems

Natural Rainbow Fluorite Freeform ( Watermelon )

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Watermelon Rainbow Fluorite Freeform

Watermelon Fluorite is a type of fluorspar, which is a mineral composed of calcium fluoride. It typically has a translucent to opaque appearance and can be white, green, blue, yellow, purple, or pink in color. Watermelon Fluorite gets its name from its distinctive pink and green colors, which resemble the familiar fruit.

Rainbow Fluorite is another type of fluorspar that contains multiple colors within each stone. Watermelon Fluorite is thought to be helpful for cleansing and energizing the chakras. It is also said to promote creative inspiration and to assist with focus and clear thinking.

Rainbow Fluorite is believed to have similar properties, but it is also said to be helpful for balancing the energy of the chakras. Watermelon Fluorite and Rainbow Fluorite are both popular crystals that are prized for their beauty and their purported healing properties.

They are excellent healing crystals with a positive energy around them and balance the energies around you and your environment. Fluorite stones also stimulate your third eye chakra.