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Blue Sandstone Sphere

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Blue Sandstone / Goldstone is a manmade stone of quartz sand glass infused with copper particles.

Blue Sandstone is said to have healing vibes, enhance self-acceptance, help with learning & provide relief from hypersensitivity. It's thought to be the ideal stone for empaths to work with.

Blue Sandstone connects to these three chakras: Throat, Heart, and Crown Chakra. Sagittarius-born individuals receive the richest energies from this precious healing crystal.

The Goldstone of the blue variety has a beneficial impact on one's physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This stone activates your empathy to levels you've never experienced before. You feel as if you want to try and comprehend others more.

The Blue Sandstone is extremely energetic. This is what allows you to wholeheartedly accept yourself. Blue Sandstone is a fantastic way to reduce stress

Blue Sandstone makes it simpler to detach from your physical presence. While you explore other dimensions, your spirit will be firmly tethered to your body so that you can do it safely.