About us

 Hello friends, my name is Mika and I'm the founder of CrestedGems. I began my business in the summer of 2021 after leaving my previous jobs, to pursue my interest in metaphysical healing properties within stones and crystals.

 We are pursuers of spiritual wellness nurturing a lifelong fascination with alternative healing through crystals, reiki, and sound. Our collection of polished crystals, beautiful gem stones, and natural elements will provide a vivid and lasting experience for the mind and soul.

 From our love of rocks and gems since childhood to the vision to heal with some of our planet’s most precious natural elements. Each stone has its own therapeutic application, and each color has its own wavelength & energy frequency that affects distinct areas of the brain.

 Our Collection of unique crystals will bring the right energy to any space that needs healing or a new beginning. These crystals are not only inspired by geology but also contemporary design concepts bringing together stones and technology into sleek forms creating vibrant spaces for living or working.

 It all started as a simple pastime collecting my own stones and minerals - to an idea of "Why can't I start my own crystal business?" And of course there's the love for Pancake, my cherished crested gecko. CrestedGems.com was born!

pan the crested gecko