Fluorite - Negative Energy Neutralizer Crystal

Fluorite - Negative Energy Neutralizer Crystal



Negative Energy Neutralizing

fluorite rainbow cluster

Healing Properties: 

  Fluorite is a gemstone that has the meaning of self-love and direction, while also being known for clarity and mental enhancement. The energy of this stone is known to assist in the removal of negative energy, which has made it a useful stone to work with. This magnificent stone is called an energy absorber, especially for its aura and mind. Fluorite will help the mind to flow freely, aiding in the integration of thoughts and ideas. It's ideal for individuals who have trouble making decisions on their own, since it aids in assisting you in making the choices you truly desire.

Fun Facts:

  Fluorite's name derives from the Latin term for "flux" alluding to the stones' capacity to flow in sync with a variety of other materials. Fluorite is a type of calcium fluoride. It's a wonderful stone for people trying to detox, as its energy is all about purging negative ideas, routines, and behaviors, including addictive disorders.

Real fluorite glows under ultraviolet light. Because fluorite's hardness is low, there will be a lot of microscopic scratches on its surface that make it real Fluorite. Fake fluorite is mostly represented by glass or plastic and doesn't glow under UV light.

large rainbow fluorite freeform


  Fluorite is an excellent stone for dealing with the higher chakras. Fluorite stones are effective in the Throat Chakra area. It helps to ground increased intuition and connection to spirit in the physical world, which supports the throat chakra.

  Green Fluorite is a powerful Heart Chakra healer that can help us unclog our Heart Chakra, absorb negative injury and trauma, and enhance mental clarity & concentration to overcome anything that obstructs the full opening of the heart. It's energetic vibrations assist with clarity and enhance psychic abilities by utilizing the third eye chakra's protective and stabilizing qualities. The stone is a wonderful tool for relieving headaches and tension in the crown chakra. It links us to the universal consciousness, allowing us to have a connection with spirit.


  Fluorite is a calcium mineral that forms cubes, cubic crystals, and octahedral crystals. It's part of the cubic crystal system and belongs to the halide minerals family. The transparency of this specimen varies - however it does comes in a variety of hues, including purple, green, yellow, black, clear, pink, and other colors. It has a fluorescence that changes color depending on the angle.

large green fluorite

Fluorite Color Variations:

  Fluorite comes in a variety of hues, each with its own distinct influence on users.

  • Purple Fluorite is a type of mineral that helps your mind get in touch with higher vibrations. It can help you to get to a better place in your spirit and consciousness.
  • Pink Fluorite will open up the heart and assist in self-love and healing.
  • Colorless fluorite is an intuitive stone. It helps activate your third eye, which leads to enhanced psychic abilities.
  • Green Fluorite links our hearts and minds together, balancing emotion with thought.
  • Yellow fluorite is a type of mineral that has a special connection with the solar plexus and third eye chakra. This creates a pathway for self-expression.
  • Black Fluorite is the ultimate cleanser and purifier of negativity. It can shield your emotional body from negativity.
  • Blue Fluorite is most recognized for assisting us in expressing our purest thoughts. It's perfect for any teacher, speaker, or artist.