What is Blue Sandstone Crystal? Healing Properties and History

What is Blue Sandstone Crystal? Healing Properties and History

Stone Info

Blue Sandstone / Goldstone is a manmade stone of quartz sand glass infused with copper particles. To create a blue sand stone type, the sand is either sprinkled with chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, or copper particles. It was designed in Venice, Italy during the 17th century. It is made up of quartz and copper healing energies.

Healing Properties

Blue Sandstone is said to have healing vibes, enhance self-acceptance, help with learning & provide relief from hypersensitivity. It's thought to be the ideal stone for empaths to work with. In a nutshell, the Blue Goldstone is all about ambition. It's a stone that can help you fulfill your heart's wishes.


throat chakra is the first one to be opened by the Blue Sandstone. It's where you can speak your mind without fear. The stone gives you bravery and self-assurance, as well as the capacity to see through lies. Blue Sandstone is said to be a destiny stone that should be attached to the heart as a necklace.

The heart chakra is the second chakra linked to this blue stone. The heart chakra is charged by the stone, which improves blood circulation and strength. It also gives you the energy to become more fit and healthy. When a blue goldstone is paired with the second chakra, it aids in the development of both romantic and platonic love from others.

The crown chakra is enhanced by the Blue Sandstone's third chakra. The stone is used to link you with the spiritual realm when it's connected with the chakra above your head. You can get further assistance for overcoming life's difficulties here.


Zodiac Signs

Which zodiac signs are the most benefited by the Blue Sandstone? The Blue Sandstone / Goldstone are linked with the heart and crown chakras, as well as the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius-born individuals receive the richest energies from this precious healing crystal.

A Few Ways Use Blue Sandstone /

The Goldstone of the blue variety has a beneficial impact on one's physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In this chapter, we'll discuss how to make the most of Blue Goldstone abilities.

1. Empathy and Emotion

This stone activates your empathy to levels you've never experienced before. You feel as if you want to try and comprehend others more.

2. Self-Acceptance

The Blue Sandstone is extremely energetic. This is what allows you to wholeheartedly accept yourself. With it, you can embrace both the wonderful and terrible aspects of life, knowing that there is still so much to live for.

3. Soothing Stress and Tension

The Blue Sandstone is a fantastic way to reduce stress. When the day is over, you won't be weighed down by mental or emotional worries.

4. Connecting With the Spiritual Realm

What do you think of when you hear the phrase "explore the universe"? This is something that you can accomplish every day while sleeping with lucid dreaming. The Blue Sandstone makes it simpler to detach from your physical presence. While you explore other dimensions, your spirit will be firmly tethered to your body so that you can do it safely.